Ensures that the organisation has financial and administration systems that meet basic standards, furthermore, that it has all the key forms of resources it requires and are utilised economically, efficiently and effectively.

    Goal: To efficiently & effectively run the organization serving clients and stakeholders professionally.



    To manage the organization's financial resources by planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling organization's finances and ensuring that the organization and projects are running efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

    1. Educate staff on finance policies and procedures and enforce compliance
    2. Update asset register regularly
    3. Develop budgets for project proposals and plans, track budgets and conduct reviews
    4. Continuously strengthen financial controls and financial documentation
    5. Facilitate undertaking of routine organisation audits and specific projects audits and ensure there is a system of sharing audit reports with board, funding partners and Ministry of Social welfare. 
    6. Ensure there is a system of addressing audit findings
    7. Ensure there is financial reporting internally on a regular basis and externally to stakeholders at designated times
    8. Fulfil statutory obligations and maintain all statutory financial records of the organisation


    Goal: To provide systematic support to all areas of the organization for efficiency and effectiveness.

    Purpose:  To ensure that the organization has the basic key forms of resources it requires (space, finance, personnel, equipment, furniture, materials, information, communication, technology and vehicles) and are utilized economically, efficiently and effectively.

    1. Improve communication and collaboration with stakeholder partners and amongst departments to build and support relationships.  
    2. Promote a culture of openness, trust, diversity and equality.  
    3. Promote efficient use of departmental and organisational resources.  
    4. Enforce implementation of all policies and procedures
    5. Strengthen information management
    6. Continuously research and initiate beneficial changes that result in continuous improvement in clients and stakeholders service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

    Human Resources

    Goal: Create and maintain a qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce that accurately reflects the organisation’s vision, mission, objectives and values.

    1. Improve recruitment, selection, employment and induction of staff. 
    2. Strengthen staff training and development
    3. Maintain good working conditions and manage employee relations.
    4. Promote a work environment where teamwork is paramount, ideas are rewarded, creativity is encouraged, and successes are celebrated.  
    5. Encourage managers to be mentors and leadership role models to their staff.  
    6. Initiate and assess job performance based on meaningful standards and measures.  
    7. Promote work life balance.  
    8. Manage payroll and staff benefits and adhere to statutory obligations.
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