Our Services

    • counselling of sexually abused children and their caregivers, 
    • assistance to access appropriate medical care, provision of support to follow appropriate police and court procedures, 
    • raise educative awareness about child protection and child sexual abuse, 
    • empower stakeholders through training to effectively handle child abuse cases, complement allied services providers including government ministries and departments and other civil society organisations (CSOs) in the areas of social services, justice, education, police and health and where feasible, also provide social support for children in different areas of need. 
    • Conduct advocacy & lobbying on child protection and child rights.

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    Child Protection

    Developmental Goal: 
    To contribute towards a child protective society in Zimbabwe

    Departmental Goal: 
    Abused children in Bulawayo and Matabeleland region overcome their trauma and live a healthy and productive life in a safe environment where children are protected.

    Specific Objectives: 
    1. To minimize the effects of sexual abuse on children and their families/caregivers (mitigation) and contribute towards its prevention. 
    2. To ensure parents, caregivers and communities are actively engaged to know and support public advocacy campaign of ending violation of children’s rights.
    3. To ensure stakeholders and communities are knowledgeable on child sexual abuse issues and are capable to refer cases for appropriate treatment.
    4. To ensure Civil Society Organisations, local authorities and communities are actively engaged in effective implementation of policies concerning child protection and child rights.
    5. To ensure Children are empowered to be actively involved in expressing issues concerning them and identify possible solutions.
    6. To partner with stakeholders in child protection.
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